Ich wohne in Japan.
Er mag einen deutschen Keuschheitsgürtel.

Ich befestige den Keuschheitsgürtel des Neosteel .


16 Gedanken zu „About

  1. Warum schreibt eine Japanerin auf deutsch über so etwas intimes wie Keuschheitsgürtel? Könntest Du Dich in Deiner Muttersprache nicht viel besser ausdrücken?

  2. Hey! Greetings from Germany. That is a very nice page you have there. How long have you been wearing the belt, and how did you get the idea?

    You can either let me know in English,
    oder auf Deutsch.
    Bye! 🙂

    • I started to use the belt last year. I found it in the history text book when I was a junior high school student. My boyfriend was interested in it ,too.
      I don’t want to use Japanese. Because of the risk of that my Japanese friend find this blog by Google searching with Japanese words.

      Deutsch ist das Sicherste.

      • Your english is very good. It’s refreshing to be able to read some of your page without having to translate from my native language. I’m learning Dutch, and with it some German, but my translation is sometimes a little off still. I’m thankful you are refraining from Japanese… I am terrible at reading it and worse than terrible at speaking it. Your blog is one of three that I find myself frequenting almost daily. I find it incredibly interesting and look forward to reading more about you and your experiences.

      • Wie oft und wie lange trägst du den Gürtel? Bist du zufrieden damit?

        Grüße aus Deutschland, und schonmal frohe Weihnachten.

  3. Hallo,
    ich interessiere mich nur wenig für Keuschheitsgürtel, aber ich interessiere mich sehr für Japan. Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn du über deinen Alltag, deine Sorgen, deine Freunde, das Leben in Japan usw. Natürlich gerne ohne Namen und ohne Fotos.
    Viele Grüße,

  4. Hi.

    Do you want to show us your neosteel from the backsite? Your can enjoy a belt with a „close“ rear modul that interessted me.

    I like your page g

    Greatings mike

  5. Forgive me, but you are Junko-san, are you. I believe and really hope so. You are so beautiful and attractive with neosteel belt. It makes you attractive and seems to be fit you well. I have started to wear chastity device myself recenlty as I could not curb my long desire. I’m 64 and married, but I have not come out how I want to be treated.
    Hopefully, I want to luck out a KH in the future.
    I tried to reach you sevral times, but could not.
    I would be happy if you would talk with me if it is not inconvenient for you.

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